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Contracted Hospital Services

We provide hospitals with experienced practitioners, flexible staffing solutions, and quality assurance to meet their patient's needs

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Consulting Services

We provide specialized consulting services to help healthcare organizations achieve their goals, improve patient outcomes, and maximize their financial performances.

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Changing Team Solutions

We provide flexible staffing solutions to adjust to the healthcare organization's staffing levels, expertise, and needs.

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Interim Medical Professional Coverage

We offer a team of highly experienced and skilled medical professionals, including hospitalists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

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Permanent Placement

We provide a comprehensive recruitment and staffing process that is tailored to the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

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Provide Key Metrics

We know how important transparency is, that's why we offer advanced data analytics and reporting tools to track and measure the KPI. That way, we can make changes to improve .

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Find the Staffing You Need

Let us pair you with high-quality locum tenens providers!

Do you need to find highly trained physicians for your hospital in Illinois? Find out how Daily Care Solutions can assist your facility.

Need help finding the right nurse practitioner for your Illinois hospital? Daily Care Solutions is ready to help with our highly trained medical professionals.

Want to find a high-quality physician assistant for your Illinois hospital? Daily Care Solutions can help with your staffing needs.

Does your practice need substitute PAs? Learn how we can help you find the right locum tenen physician assistants in Minnesota!

Are you looking for quality physicians in Minnesota to fill your staffing needs? At Daily Care Solutions, we can help you find the locum tenens doctors you need!

Finding nurse practitioners in Minnesota who can cover your staffing needs can be challenging. Let us pair you with high-quality locum tenens providers!

Looking for the best locum tenens nurse practitioners to staff your Wisconsin hospital? You just found them.

Short on physician assistants for your Wisconsin hospital? Find the perfect locum tenens for your organization here!

Struggling to find physicians for your Wisconsin hospital? We have the locum tenens to keep you fully staffed!

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