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Need a Better Way To Deliver High-Quality Patient Care?

Many hospitals and medical facilities struggle to find reliable and highly trained professionals to fill staffing gaps. These facilities often turn to staff agencies to find someone for the role, but there is no guarantee that these individuals can deliver top-quality care. That is where Daily Care Solutions can help. 

We provide your hospital or medical care facility with locum tenens physician assistants who have the experience to handle the tasks. You will not have to spend time looking for the right candidate for the job. Our agency has fully vetted physician assistants who can help assist during those times of short staffing. We understand that delivering exceptional medical care to your patients is your top priority, and you will not have to worry when you work with us.

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Why Use Locum Tenens for Physicians Assistant Staffing?

Hospitals, clinics, and medical groups throughout Illinois need to staff their facility for several reasons. In many cases, a physician or other medical professional takes a vacation, has a leave of absence, or leaves the industry. With that, it is vital to find someone to fill the role, even temporarily. A locum tenens is the medical version of temporary employees. They will often work at your facilities for several weeks to a few months. These physician assistants can handle all the patient loads and clinical responsibilities as your full-time staff members.

These individuals are there to help:

• Assist with patients
• Order and interpret tests
• Write prescriptions
• Provide a high level of medical care
• Handle administrative duties

Locum tenens are a cost-effective solution to help support your permanent staff. You can have full staffing during the peak season and maintain those maximum levels at all times. Locum tenens can help take some of the work burdens off your regular staff, helping to alleviate the everyday pressures in the industry.

Choose Daily Care Solutions for Your Illinois Hospital

We are different from other types of locum groups. Founded and led by Dr. Lanre Shittu, we fill in the gaps that other groups leave in the industry. Many locum tenens groups fail to follow up with their locums and don't offer the same level of care as Daily Care Solutions.

Our physician assistants will provide your facility with consistent, high-quality medical care. We want to form a long-term, reliable partnership with hospitals, medical care clinics, and other facilities requiring locum tenens physician assistants.

How are we different?

• We have a 98% retention rate
• We offer local expertise for our clients in Illinois
• We focus on those metrics that make a difference
• We are more than a staffing agency
• We promote collaboration and management with all our clients and professionals

When you need a top-quality physician's assistant for your facility, turn to Daily Care Solutions.

Do you need to find highly qualified locum tenens physician assistants for your hospital? At Daily Care Solutions, we can help. Contact us to learn more.