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June 19, 2023

The 2023 Medical Billing Best Practice Guide

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Dr. Shefiu Lanre Shittu

President of Daily Care Solutions

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, medical billing best practices play a crucial role in ensuring that providers receive accurate and timely reimbursement for their services. By implementing these practices, healthcare organizations can optimize their revenue cycle management, minimize claim denials, and maintain regulatory compliance.

As the industry continues to change and adapt, it is essential for providers to stay informed about the latest strategies and techniques to enhance their billing processes. This article will discuss six key medical billing best practices that can help streamline operations, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Always Look for Ways to Enhance the Billing Process

Embrace Continuous Improvement in Your Medical Billing Process. The healthcare industry is in perpetual flux, necessitating physician practices to adapt and evolve to maximize efficiency and revenue generation. 

By monitoring performance metrics and staying updated on the latest healthcare regulations, practices can identify areas of concern and devise innovative solutions.

To achieve optimal efficiency and accuracy in your medical billing process, consider implementing these strategies:

Monitor Pending Accounts Receivable

Keeping track of outstanding payments owed to your healthcare institution is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of your collection procedures. 

Stay Informed

Medical billing rules and regulations are continuously evolving, making it essential for staff to receive ongoing education and training. Additionally, ensure your software is up-to-date to accommodate any changes in billing and coding protocols. 

Identify Problem Accounts

Establish clear procedures for managing patient accounts to generate data that can help identify potential challenges. Develop methods to track problematic behaviors such as late or declined payments and frequent changes in contact information. This information will enable you to target specific patients for additional reminders and prepare billing personnel to escalate matters to collections when necessary.

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Take Advantage of Outsourcing

Recognize the Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing. Medical practices are constantly juggling patient care, staying current with medical advancements, and managing staff while adhering to ever-changing coding standards, insurance company requirements, and billing regulations. 

With so many tasks demanding attention, it's no surprise that details may slip through the cracks, leading to claim rejections, denials, and underpayments that cost time and money.

Maximize Efficiency with Outsourced Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing medical billing offers numerous advantages, including:

Dedicated Specialists

Medical billing and coding companies employ dedicated teams of specialists whose primary responsibility is ensuring claims are filed accurately and denied claims are resubmitted correctly. 

Faster Submissions

Skilled staff members can submit claims more rapidly and with greater attention to detail, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.

Increased Focus on Patients

By delegating billing tasks to external professionals, doctors and nurses can devote more time and energy to patient care, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Up-to-Date Standards

Medical billing companies must maintain compliance with the latest healthcare laws and regulations to serve hospital-based specialty practices effectively. 

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Proper Claims Management: The Key to Timely Reimbursements

Close to 80% of all medical bills contain errors, leading to strict insurance companies rejecting claims that don't adhere to correct medical billing and coding practices. The submission, rejection, editing, and resubmission cycle can be time-consuming, often causing providers to wait months before receiving payment for their services.

To avoid unnecessary delays and efforts associated with editing and resubmitting claims, it is crucial to ensure accuracy and completeness from the outset. Common sources of error include:

  • Incorrect patient and provider information
  • Incorrect insurance information
  • Duplicate billing
  • Poor documentation
  • No EOB on a denied claim
  • Missing or unclear denial codes 

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Minimize Coding Errors

Minimizing coding errors is essential to ensuring a smooth and efficient medical billing process. Accurate coding not only helps in preventing claim denials but also maintains regulatory compliance. Some common coding errors include non-specific diagnosis codes, incorrect modifiers, upcoding, and under coding.

Investing in ongoing staff training is crucial to minimize these coding errors, staying updated on the latest coding guidelines, and implementing a thorough review process before submitting claims is vital. This will improve the accuracy of your medical billing and ultimately lead to timely reimbursements and a healthier bottom line.

Efficiently Address Denied or Rejected Claims for Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Understanding the distinction between rejected and denied claims is crucial for effectively handling them. A rejected claim has not yet been processed due to one or more errors discovered. It prevents the insurance company from paying the bill as submitted. 

In contrast, the insurance company has processed a denied claim but deemed it unpayable due to a violation of the payer-patient contract or a significant error identified after processing. In both instances, the payer returns the claim to the biller with an explanation of the issue. 

Proactively checking for errors in claims can reduce the likelihood of rejections and denials; however, when they do occur, it's essential to address them promptly. Maintain regular communication with a representative from the payer, as they can help clarify issues with the original claim and provide updates on current claims being processed. 

This proactive approach can expedite the claim editing process and minimize the time spent on appeals and resubmissions, ultimately improving the efficiency of your revenue cycle management.

Establish a Robust Collections Process

Establishing a clear collections process is vital for maintaining cash flow and ensuring the financial stability of your healthcare practice. A well-defined collections process enables your staff to handle outstanding payments efficiently, improving patient satisfaction and reducing bad debt write-offs. To create an effective collections process:

  1. Start by setting transparent payment policies and communicating them to patients upfront.
  2. Provide multiple payment options to accommodate various preferences and establish clear payment terms, such as due dates and late fees.
  3. Implement a systematic approach to tracking and following up on overdue accounts, including sending timely reminders and escalating collection efforts when necessary.
  4. Regularly evaluate the success of your collections process by monitoring key performance indicators, such as days in accounts receivable and collection rates, and make adjustments as needed.

By establishing a clear and consistent collections process, your practice can optimize revenue collection while maintaining positive patient relationships.

If you don't want to handle collecting healthcare reimbursements, consider joining Daily Care Solutions' specialist network. They can connect you to high-paying locum tenens opportunities and handle administrative work.

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Make Daily Care Resolutions Your Resource for High-Quality Staffing

Daily Care Solutions stands out as an exceptional healthcare services provider that offers services that meet the diverse needs of medical institutions. Their offerings include:

  • Contracted hospital services.
  • Consulting services.
  • Changing team solutions.
  • Interim medical professional coverage.
  • Permanent placement.
  • Providing key metrics.

By delivering these tailored solutions, Daily Care Solutions ensures that healthcare organizations can maintain operational efficiency and provide excellent patient care. Their contracted hospital and consulting services enable organizations to optimize processes and stay updated on industry best practices. 

With changing team solutions and interim medical professional coverage, Daily Care Solutions addresses staffing challenges, ensuring continuity of care during transition periods or increased demand. Their permanent placement services help organizations find the right talent for long-term success, while the key metrics they provide allow institutions to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions. 

As a result, Daily Care Solutions is highly regarded for its ability to support healthcare organizations in achieving their goals and delivering outstanding patient care.

Need help hiring experienced staff in medical billing? Contact Daily Care Resolutions today for assistance at 920-939-2423.

Author Image
Dr. Shefiu Lanre Shittu

President of Daily Care Solutions

Internal Medicine physician with over 10 years of experience in medical staffing solution. Completed medical education and residency in Columbia University. Provided expert oversight to private groups and hospitals. Contracted services organization and Take charge of establishing three hospitalist programs from inception to completion. Develop the scope of practice and negotiate contracts with other departments and specialties. Perform a wide range of tasks including contract negotiations, revenue cycle and human resource management, process improvement, and introduction of interdisciplinary rounding. Drove key efforts toward the reduction of cost of running programs by approximately 15-20%. Identified staffing needs while creating unique staffing plans for programs.

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