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March 18, 2024

Exploring the Advantages of Locum Tenens for Physicians

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Dr. Shefiu Lanre Shittu

President of Daily Care Solutions

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Welcome to a new era in healthcare where flexibility and balance are at the forefront. Locum tenens, or temporary medical staffing, is transforming how physicians navigate their careers. 

At Daily Care Solutions, we're excited to explore this trend, exploring how locum tenens positions offer unique opportunities for medical professionals to combat burnout, enhance skills, and enjoy more family time. 

Join us as we uncover the advantages of making locum tenens an increasingly attractive option for physicians nationwide.

The Widespread Usage of Locum Tenens

Locum tenens is no longer a niche practice; it's a widespread phenomenon embraced by healthcare facilities nationwide. 

With over 48,000 physicians undertaking locum tenens assignments yearly, this flexible approach to staffing is meeting the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry.

  • Statistics and Reach: According to a Staff Care survey, over 48,000 physicians engage in locum tenens assignments annually, with approximately 94% of U.S. healthcare facilities utilizing these services.
  • Primary Care and Specialties: While primary care sees a surge in part-time arrangements, specialty domains are also progressively adopting this model, though with challenges.
  • Diverse Arrangements: From physicians crafting their schedules to fixed timetables, the array of arrangements is vast.
  • Unexpected Commitments: Part-time physicians often invest more hours than planned due to administrative tasks, paperwork, and call responsibilities.
  • Shared Practices: Partnerships among physician couples, especially in primary care, are becoming more common, offering a pathway to work-life balance.

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Motives for Choosing Locum Tenens

The appeal of locum tenens is multifaceted, reflecting today's physicians' diverse needs and aspirations. 

From combating burnout to pursuing personal passions, locum tenens offers a range of benefits that cater to various career stages and personal preferences.

  • Addressing Burnout: Provides a change in environment, helping doctors overcome burnout and regain enjoyment in practicing medicine.
  • Testing Opportunities: Offers working interviews, aiding recent graduates in assessing facilities or locations before committing to permanent roles.
  • Family Time: Full-time locums have flexible schedules, allowing more family time without concerns about administrative tasks.
  • Extra Income: Enables physicians to earn extra money by taking weekend shifts or using vacation time for locum tenens assignments.
  • Skill Enhancement: Exposes doctors to diverse practice settings, procedures, and treatments, enabling skill improvement and professional growth.
  • Giving Back: Temporary assignments often occur in underserved areas, allowing doctors to care for those in need or pursue volunteer work.
  • Pursuing Passions: Provides time for pursuing hobbies, traveling, writing, or spending quality time with family and loved ones.
  • See New Places: Explore different regions of the country, appealing to those who enjoy travel and new experiences.
  • Enjoy Work-Life Balance: Control work schedules, income, and vacation time, balancing work and personal life.

The motives for choosing locum tenens are as varied as the physicians who embrace this flexible career path. 

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The Assignment Process: How It Works

The assignment process for locum tenens is a well-coordinated effort that ensures the right match between physicians and healthcare facilities. 

Here's a brief overview of the process, from initial contact to assignment completion.

  • Contacting Staffing Agencies: Hospitals facing staffing shortages contact locum tenens staffing agencies, like Daily Care Solutions, detailing their specific needs.
  • Finding Suitable Matches: Agencies find suitable matches, considering factors like specialty, location, and schedule, ensuring a good fit for both parties.
  • Handling Logistics: Agencies handle licensing, credentialing, travel arrangements, and payment, providing comprehensive support throughout the assignment.
  • Independent Contractor Status: Locum tenens physicians are independent contractors responsible for taxes and benefits, with higher hourly wages compensating for the lack of traditional benefits.

The assignment process for locum tenens is designed to be efficient and supportive, providing physicians with opportunities that align with their skills, preferences, and career goals. It's a process that reflects the dynamic nature of modern healthcare staffing.

Daily Care Solutions' Approach to Locum Tenens

At Daily Care Solutions, we understand the growing importance of locum tenens in the healthcare industry. 

Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities and physicians, ensuring a seamless integration of locum tenens into our staffing solutions.

  • Tailored Solutions: We offer customized locum tenens staffing solutions that align with the specific needs of healthcare facilities and physicians, considering factors like location, specialty, and schedule.
  • Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality ensures we match the right physicians with the right opportunities, maintaining high standards of care and professionalism.
  • Flexibility and Support: We provide the flexibility that physicians seek in locum tenens roles, along with comprehensive support in licensing, credentialing, travel arrangements, and payment.
  • Addressing Burnout: Our approach recognizes the role of locum tenens in preventing burnout, offering physicians a chance to rejuvenate and rediscover their passion for medicine.
  • Community Impact: We facilitate locum tenens assignments in underserved areas, enabling physicians to give back to communities in need.

Daily Care Solutions' approach to locum tenens reflects our dedication to innovation, quality, and community impact. 

We're contributing to a more resilient and responsive healthcare system by embracing this flexible staffing model.

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Navigating the World of Locum Tenens with Daily Care Solutions

Locum tenens represents a transformative approach to healthcare staffing, offering physicians flexibility, growth, and balance. 

At Daily Care Solutions, we're committed to leveraging the advantages of locum tenens to enhance healthcare delivery and support physicians in their career journeys. Our tailored solutions, quality assurance, and community impact reflect our dedication to innovation and excellence. 

Explore the opportunities with us and discover how locum tenens can redefine your medical career.

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Author Image
Dr. Shefiu Lanre Shittu

President of Daily Care Solutions

Internal Medicine physician with over 10 years of experience in medical staffing solution. Completed medical education and residency in Columbia University. Provided expert oversight to private groups and hospitals. Contracted services organization and Take charge of establishing three hospitalist programs from inception to completion. Develop the scope of practice and negotiate contracts with other departments and specialties. Perform a wide range of tasks including contract negotiations, revenue cycle and human resource management, process improvement, and introduction of interdisciplinary rounding. Drove key efforts toward the reduction of cost of running programs by approximately 15-20%. Identified staffing needs while creating unique staffing plans for programs.

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