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March 20, 2023

OB/GYN Salary: Everything You Need To Know

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Dr. Shefiu Lanre Shittu

President of Daily Care Solutions

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OB/GYNs care for women throughout their reproductive lives, from pregnancy and childbirth to menopause.

However, the profession also faces unique financial and job satisfaction challenges, including concerns about compensation, administrative burdens, and job-related stress.

In this article, we’ll examine OB/GYN salaries, how they compare to other medical specialties and other factors that impact job satisfaction.

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The Average Salary for OB/GYNS in 2021

The latest OB/GYN Compensation Report from Medscape reveals that the average annual salary for OB/GYNs was $336,000 in 2022, ranking it 16th of all surveyed specialties. This average salary places OB/GYNs in the bottom half compared to other medical specialties.

Moreover, the OB/GYN  average salary has experienced an impressive 7% year-over-year growth. The 2021 average salary of $336,000 which was a $24,000 increase from the previous year’s $312,000 average.

This growth is encouraging for OB/GYNs, indicating a promising future for salary growth and career satisfaction.

The Average Performance Bonus for OB/GYNs

The same Medscape report indicates that 57% of respondents from various medical specialties received a performance bonus in 2021. In the case of OB/GYNs, the average performance bonus in 2021 was $49,000, slightly higher than the previous year’s average of $48,000.

Performance bonuses are typically based on effectiveness and other metrics, with patient satisfaction and clinical efficiency being standard benchmarks. For OB/GYNs, incentive bonuses accounted for almost 15% of their total salaries in 2021.

However, the survey also showed that the average performance bonus size across all specialties was $59,000, which places OB/GYNs lower than the median compared to other medical specialties.

Nevertheless, these bonuses can provide additional salary and motivation for OB/GYNs to continue performing at high levels.

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Do OB/ GYNs Feel They are Compensated Fairly?

According to a survey, around 50% of OB/GYNs believe they are not fairly compensated for their work.

This level of dissatisfaction places OB/GYNs in the bottom third compared to other physicians in various specializations.

Additionally, almost a quarter (24%) of respondents said they would not choose the same specialty again.

One potential reason for this dissatisfaction is the increasing focus on production bonuses, which may not align with a physician’s commitment to providing quality patient care.

This misalignment may lead to feelings of undervaluation and underappreciation among OB/GYNs, ultimately leading to lower job satisfaction levels compared to other medical specializations.

Percentage of OB/GYNS Who Supplement Their salary With Side Gigs

In 2021, nearly 40% of OB/GYNs supplemented their salary with side gigs, which aligns with the rate for physicians across all specialties (36%). Most of these additional jobs were in the medical field, with 14% of OB/GYNs pursuing medical moonlighting opportunities, such as locum tenens.

It’s worth noting that 6% of OB/GYNs surveyed reported seeking work outside of medicine to supplement their salary. Seeking outside work in the medical area indicates that despite the challenges and frustrations they may face in their profession, OB/GYNs are committed to pursuing salary-generating opportunities that allow them to leverage their medical expertise.

Physicians across all specialties will likely seek side hustles and additional salary streams to supplement their salaries as healthcare evolves.

The salary Variation Between Employed and Self-Employed OB/GYNs

A recent study examined the salary variation between self-employed physicians and those employed in healthcare organizations. The study found that self-employed physicians earned an average of 20% more than their employed counterparts.

However, this trend doesn’t hold for OB/GYNs. On the contrary, OB/GYNs employed in physical medical settings reported an average compensation 12% higher than self-employed ones.

The study revealed that in 2021, employed OB/GYNs earned an average of $361,000, while those who worked for themselves earned an average of $323,000, which is $38,000 less.

These findings emphasize the unique financial realities that OB/GYNs face when deciding whether to work for themselves or a healthcare organization.

While self-employment may provide greater independence and flexibility, it may not necessarily result in higher compensation in obstetrics and gynecology.

Other Considerations for OB/GYNs

Beyond salary, many other factors play into the overall job satisfaction of OB/GYNs.

What OB/GYNs Find Most Rewarding About Their Job

Despite facing various challenges and frustrations in their work, OB/GYNs still find a lot to love about their jobs.

According to the Medscape survey, 40% of respondents reported that satisfaction comes from the gratitude and relationships they build with their patients. In addition, nearly one-fifth of respondents find joy in helping others and improving the world.

Job satisfaction is further amplified by the fulfillment of successfully diagnosing patients and feeling competent in their work. OB/GYNs also take pride in teaching others and being a part of the esteemed profession of medicine.

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What OB/GYNs Find Most Challenging About Their Jobs

While an OB/GYN job can be incredibly fulfilling, it has its share of frustrations. A recent survey highlighted some of the challenges that OB/GYNs face.

Long working hours were a chief source of dissatisfaction among 21% of those who responded in 2021, surpassing the difficulties of managing numerous regulations and rules as the primary unease.

Clinical documentation and dealing with difficult patients also emerged as two of the most difficult aspects of the job.

Despite these challenges, OB/GYNs remains committed to providing high-quality care to their patients and helping them achieve better health outcomes.

The OB/GYN Field Has Unique Challenges and Rewards

The field of obstetrics and gynecology faces unique financial and job satisfaction challenges, including concerns about compensation, administrative burdens, and job-related stress.

Nevertheless, OB/GYNs find joy and fulfillment in their work, thanks to their positive impact on their patients’ lives and their role in improving the world.

Healthcare organizations and medical groups should consider ways to support OB/GYNs, including providing competitive compensation packages, professional growth and development opportunities, and resources to manage administrative tasks effectively.

Additionally, locum tenens work with Daily Care Solutions can offer OB/GYNs greater flexibility and work-life balance while expanding their clinical experience.

By prioritizing OB/GYN job satisfaction and well-being, healthcare organizations can attract and retain top talent and foster a culture of excellence and satisfaction, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and improved health.

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Dr. Shefiu Lanre Shittu

President of Daily Care Solutions

Internal Medicine physician with over 10 years of experience in medical staffing solution. Completed medical education and residency in Columbia University. Provided expert oversight to private groups and hospitals. Contracted services organization and Take charge of establishing three hospitalist programs from inception to completion. Develop the scope of practice and negotiate contracts with other departments and specialties. Perform a wide range of tasks including contract negotiations, revenue cycle and human resource management, process improvement, and introduction of interdisciplinary rounding. Drove key efforts toward the reduction of cost of running programs by approximately 15-20%. Identified staffing needs while creating unique staffing plans for programs.

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